Puppy Escape Room



We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Cricket & Company's new Puppy Escape Room!

Book your Downtown Canine Enrichment Experience Today!

For Dogs of all ages and skill level.

This Puppy Escape Room themed adventure offers a 15 OR 30 minute experience for you and your dog in a private space in the heart of Ottawa's downtown core for only $10/15 mins.

Why Visit the Puppy Escape Room?

Various types of enrichment can be used to stimulate dogs physically and mentally. There are 6 main 'types' of Canine Enrichment and the Puppy Escape Room has at least one station for each of the six areas.

  1. Social enrichment- providing opportunities for social growth
  2. Cognitive Enrichment-  the opportunity for thinking and problem solving
  3. Physical Enrichment- moving their bodies and strengthening fine or gross motor skills 
  4. Sensory Enrichment- stimulating one or more of your pets five senses. (Touch, taste, sound, smell, or sight)
  5. Feeding Enrichment- stimulating ways to seek and consume food
  6. Toy Enrichment- using interaction with toys or objects focused on play


Learn and play in a controlled, private, safe space with your dog. Consider the following goals when planning your trip:

  • Desensitize your dog to unfamiliar stimuli
  • Learn new skills or proof existing skills
  • Strengthen your relationship with your dog
  • Give your dog new experiences
  • Work on socialization
  • Solve puzzles
  • Build your dog’s confidence 
  • Help build your dog's impulse control

Each station has three levels of difficulty. Complete levels 1-3 on your first visit or feel free to keep going back to level up each visit. Make sure to work within your dog's limits and keep your dog happy and having fun.  


How Does it Work?

  1. Book your appointment using the online booking app. You'll be redirected to Cricket & Company's website to make payment. Once paid, you'll receive a text message confirming your appointment
  2. Show up to 21 Murray Street, Ottawa, Ontario on time with your dog on-leash and a bag of his favourite treats or kibble.  
  3. Follow the safety rules and move through the enrichment stations follow the posted instructions. Don't forget to track your progress on the provided achievement tracker handout.
  4. Take a celebratory selfie and post about your awesome dog on social media! Don't forget to tag @cricketandcompany & @petinteldogs #puppyescaperoom

Track Your Progress!! 


 How to Make Sure it's a Good Time

Before attending a downtown adventure with your dog, make sure you are both up to the activity. Even though your Puppy Escape Room session is only 15 mins, you will be out adventuring much longer in order to get to your destination and back home again. Try to make sure your dog is well rested and ready for a meal when you arrive. You can bring your dog's kibble mixed with treats or buy some new treats when you arrive. Take your time navigating your way to the store. You may need to park around the block and walk to the store front depending on how busy things are. If you have a puppy, bring a sling or be prepared to carry them. Dress for the weather so you are both comfortable. Your adventure starts as soon as you leave your front door. Keep a close eye on your dog and take in the sights and sounds together even while on route.