Puppy Blueprint Course

8 week Program For Dogs Ages 2-6 Months

An amazing NEW program in collaboration with Chien ZEN Dog we thrilled to introduce this NEW comprehensive dynamic program for Puppy Owners.

This program can be taken independently for you training Mavericks out there or with weekly individualized instruction either virtually or in-person for those of you who prefer a training Comrade along the way. 



 What You and Your Puppy Will Achieve 

To reach our puppy's full potential we first need to build amazing foundations. In this course we'll help you to understand your puppy's innermost motivators, how to supercharge play, build an incredible connection and perfect key skills to help you expertly navigate your puppy's first weeks and prevent problem behaviours from arising.


Build unwavering focus from your puppy. We'll walk you through how to ensure your puppy engages enthusiastically and loves looking to you. Through fun games we'll help you teach your puppy how to not only look at you when you ask but to offer focus around even the biggest distractions!


Help your puppy to become their perfect selves by teaching them self control and the art of asking nicely. Amaze your friends and family as your puppy masters polite greetings without jumping up, waits patiently whenever you ask, ignores dropped food and settles calmly in a variety of situations.


Boost emotional confidence and body awareness. (And in the case of very confident pups, learning to slow down and think more!) We'll guide you through how to properly socialize your puppy so they develop into a robust, resilient individual, while avoiding common pitfalls which can cause issues later on.


Tricks are a great way to strengthen the canine-human bond, build confidence, enhance connection and enrich our puppies' lives even more. Unlock the fun and enjoy watching as everyone in the family wants to perfect these fun, puppy appropriate tricks!


Training is definitely a joint effort between us and our dogs. But don't worry, we'll give your skills a level up so training your pup becomes easy! From developing expert timing, to understanding how dogs learn and communicate, you'll learn how to problem solve and build brand new behaviours from scratch. But don't worry we'll be here to support you every step of the way if you need us! 


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