What is Service Dog Training?


Pet Intel. is a member of Canadian Association of Service Dog Trainers. We adhere to their standards of practice  when it comes to testing and certification protocols.

To understand more about Service Dogs in Ontario please read our blog post. For more detailed information regarding our protocols and methodologies as well as national standards of practice, please visit Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers website

Our service dog services are offered as professional assistance with self-training. This means that our clients must be capable of independently implementing a guided behaviour and training protocol.

To qualify for our services, we require that the individual have:

  1. Both professional and personal support outside of their service dog and coach;
  2. Full ownership of their physically healthy dog;
  3. Physical and emotional capability to care for their dog's basic needs;
  4. The financial resources to cover the cost of our services;
  5. A complete understanding of the time commitment, resources and responsibilities associated with self-training a SD;
  6. An acceptance that even with a full commitment to the process, there is NEVER a guarantee that their dog WILL become a service dog;
  7. An understanding of the current local laws regarding service dogs. 

To inquire about Service Dog Training Services, please contact us