Canine Nutrition & Health

Are you looking to improve your dog's behaviour and health? 

Interested in learning more about health living, nutrion and supplements? 

Canine Behaviour Specialist Jessica Eden O'Neill is now Accredited in Canine Nutrition and Health.

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Gain insight into your dog's well-being with our Behaviour Nutrition & Health Consultation. Our expert consultations provide valuable information about your dog's behavioral health and nutrition, giving you the tools to improve their overall quality of life. Trust our professional, scientific approach to give your furry friend the best care possible.

Discover the benefits of different feeding options and learn how to decipher food labels. Keep your dog healthy by adding homemade and fresh ingredients to their commercial diet. Learn about natural supplements and products that can be used safely with your dog. 

Discover how to identify physical health concerns through behavioural cues and the powerful connection between health and behaviour. Plus, learn new enrichment activities and healthy food options for your furry friend.

Now only $50 for an Intial 40 minute Virtual Consultation! 

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Using CBD With Dogs 

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