Thriving Teen Program

Coming May 15th, 2022

10 week Program For Dogs Age 4 months-2 years

We are eager to help you and your canine companion get on track and work through the adolescent period With understanding, compassion and knowledge. The journey through adolescence can feel a bit overwhelming at times but it doesn’t need to be!

Make the first big step by accessing information that is science-based and created by accredited professionals in the industry.
This 10 week program has been carefully crafted with you and your teenage dog's well-being at its core. 


There are five core areas that form the basis of the thriving teams program they are:

PLUS.... You will receive 2 BONUS WEEKS of Class Presentations! 

How Does it all Work?

This course is divided into two main elements. Each week you will have an Activity Theme that you will guided through with your class presentation AND a Pathway Theme with downloadable handouts and tutorial videos.

Activity Theme

You will be walked through your activities each week in your class presentations. To get started each week, visit the class presentation section, click that week's presentations. Begin following through your presentation and stop when you get to the end of each week. You can start and stop as, many times as needed to prepare for and complete each activity.


Pathway Theme

Once you have completed you weekly class presentation, next review your week's handouts. Each hand out will have an associated video. You can find your video in the video vault which is listed alphabetically. We recommend you work through your handouts one at a time, reviewing the video with each handout as you go. Remember, you can download your handouts and print them out so you can take notes and stay on track as you proceed through your skills building.

To keep track of your progress in each of these areas, We have ADDED A BONUS Pathways Training Tracker! 

Option #1

Thriving Teen Maverick (Self-Directed)

Enjoy the benefits of having a professional guide you through teaching your Teenager all they need to know, without having to commit to a set class time every week. With our step-by-step video tutorials you can watch and train at your own pace, whenever it works best for you.

You have the flexibility to watch and digest the video content first, before introducing your puppy to an exercise, setting you both up for success. You can play, pause, rewind and revisit the videos as much as you like and will be able to enjoy 6 months of access to step-by-step videos and a lifetime access to your downloadable Weekly Handouts.

We all know that being consistent is one of the most important aspects of training your teenager and our course makes it easy! You no longer need to become the teacher, bringing other members of your family up to speed on what was covered at training class... With your course login you can sit back, relax and let us do the teaching for you!

Don’t worry if you decide you need a little extra help, you can always purchase individual sessions as needed.

Option #2 (Virtual or In-Person)

Thriving Teen Comrade (Weekly Sessions)

We know self-directed learning is not for everyone. Some of us need a little more support and accountability to stay consistent and interpret and apply the information. If this sounds like you this is the perfect option for you! We will assign you a qualified behaviour coach who will work with you to schedule a 1 hour weekly appointment either virtually or in-person (for Ottawa and surrounding areas only) for the 8 weeks of your program. 

Don't Rush

You have access a folder full of downloadable handouts with corresponding videos. If you are a Maverick and have opted to walk through this journey without individualized professional support, it is vital that you move through the course completing the steps before moving onto more difficult and complex learning.  

You will notice that the program is set up as building blocks to increase foundational skills before moving onto the harder skills. Choose a day each week to log into your program. Try to remain consistent and provide yourself with a full week to implement your new skills before moving to the next week. It’s easy to get overexcited and try to push through at lightning speed. Remember, you need to set both yourself and your teenage dog up for success. Rushing through can create frustration and confusion for both you and your dog. 

With that said, should you be experiencing difficulties in a specific area, we encourage you to search for the specific video pertaining to your issue of concern and review the associated handout before proceeding with implementation any new protocols.


Need Extra Help?

For you Mavericks out there, don’t worry, if you get lost or realize you need a little bit of help to get through either a specific section or the entire program, a Pet Intel. Coach is only a click away. You can set up a virtual session with a coach at a schedule time to help you work through your areas of concern.

For those of you enrolled in the Comrade program either virtually or in person, your coach will guide you through each weeks presentation and provide you with access to all of the handouts and individualized direction on how to proceed.

Again, no need to rush the process. You have 10 weeks with two bonus weeks to move through the program and 6 months access if you need to revisit content.