'JWalking Like a Pro' Online Training Program

'JWalking Like a Pro' Online Training Program

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 If you purchase a JWalker Harness, you qualify to receive FREE access to this course! 

JWalking is easy, anyone can do it, but if you want to become a PRO and get the absolute most out of your relationship with your dog on walks, this course is for you!

This program is designed to help you become acquainted with your JWalker gear and to teach you how to start utilizing it effectively in the real world.

Our training & behaviour partners at Pet Intel. & Emotional Well-Being have numerous programs to help you become an expert of your dog. 

Once you complete checkout, you will be sent an email link with your enrollment instructions. Follow the program step-by-step to achieve the best results. Once enrolled, you will have LIFETIME access to your course. Feel free to check back in often to refresh your skills. We will continue to add more content over time too! Students of this course will also receive exclusive learning discounts on other products. 

What you will Learn:

  • About the Harness Design

  • Effects on Training & Behaviour

  • Sizing & Fitting

  • Desensitize to Your JWalker Harness

  • Intro to Leash Walking

  • The Four Essential Skills of Leash Walking

  • Learn about Motives

  • Adventure Walks vs. Leash Walks

  • Using Your JWalker & Utility Belt together

  • Mastering Steps 1 & 2 of JWalking

  • Leash Games Inside

  • Leash Games Outside

  • JWalking Multiple Dogs